Thursday, March 27, 2008

GetSmile v1.952

Requested by: acn_box

Your e-mails look too ordinary? Your postings are just plain boring? Bring fun to your life! Delight yourself and people around you with a smile! You need just one program - GetSmile. This program lets you insert the most beautiful smilies in your messages. Just one mouse click stands between you and them.

Summary of the main program features:
* GetSmile helps you insert smilies in every message board that can accept new smilies.
* GetSmile fully supports lots of e-mail clients:
* GetSmile works with the most popular free online e-mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail.
* GetSmile can insert smilies even in MS Word.
* You think drag&drop is the easiest way to insert smilies in your messages? GetSmile makes it even simpler. You need just one mouse click to insert a smilie! Of course, drag&drop and cut&paste are available too.
* With GetSmile you can capture almost every smilie from the Internet and add it to your collection.
* We distribute with GetSmile a free sample ready to use smilie collection containing more than 1600 smilies!
* You can create and distribute your own smilie collections.
* GetSmile code is specially optimized to simultaneously output hundreds of animated smilies. Even the most popular browsers cannot do that (well, they are not designed to be powerful smilie managers though ;)!
* The entire concept of the program's interface has one purpose - to make smilie management as easy as possible.
* Smilies can be automatically sorted.
* GetSmile supports statistics for every single smile.
* GetSmile has internal multi-clipboard. Several types of Paste command are available.
* GetSmile has a convenient adjustable smilie preview mode.
* You can set up different tags for separate smilie groups and even for single smilies.
* GetSmile has a smilie checking system to let you keep your smilies up to date with the Internet ones.
* You can create and store various text records.
* The program has native support of transparency (available under WinXP/2K)..
* GetSmile fully supports context help for almost all of its interface elements.

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